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Create, Collab & Celebrate. But first,

Our passion lies in empowering minorities and outsiders through creative outlets and progressive ideas.

We wish to broaden the canvas we work on, and dare to design tomorrow by taking risks alongside transforming into a culture of consent.

Our house rules

Consent Spaces start with ground rules
in order to create mutual respect despite

No Discrimination
No Hate Speech
No Sexual Harassment

Psst... That also means no toxicity, bullying, rumoring,
ignorance, bystanding or micro aggression

Our House Values

These are the intentions we set in order
to maintain a healthy atmosphere
despite differences

Respect each other
Check your privileges
Celebrate diversity
Be aware of your intentions
Welcome critical thinking
Stay constructive

We are always seeking to evolve in order to offer a playground for ideas to blossom, and create new opportunities for a diverse, edgy and collaborative community.

Our dark room

We create content and spaces that dare to challenge societal norms.

Evrysome started in 2017 as an antidote to Oslos club scene. We wanted to create a space diverse in bookings, guests and artistic formats. A sex positive space that honors consent in order to prevent sexual harassment and violation.

Evrysome AS
Oslo, Norway

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