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Evrysome has developed a Consent Consultancy for the improvement of our own concept as well as offering a guide to companies who wish to further educate themselves about the power of diversity in the workforce, emotional intelligence, how to avoid conflicts and vetting potential hires. We offer workshops, courses, videos, consent team for hire and general counseling touching the topics of consent, boundaries, intersectionality, diversity, micro aggression, unconscious biases, power dynamics and intimacy as well as kink.

From the beginning of our consultancy, the primary focus has been to offer content for event producers, clubs and security companies who wish to compete in the rapidly changing club culture of Oslo.

The last decade has sparked a massive transformation in Norwegian (and global) youth. The focus has shifted from “heavy partying” to “ socially aware partying”. We are now seeing young people actively boycotting clubs where consent violations have occurred, fighting against injustice - also on the dance floor. We have constructed workshops and courses that not only teach the “how” to deal with these situations, but also “the why”. Why have these changes occurred, why are they important, and why is this just the beginning. We believe that closing the bridge of understanding is an essential part of creating an inclusive and consensual club scene, both for guests and staff.

Our Consent Consultancy provides information about consent through different formats for the relevant parts in an event production. This entails courses for managers, staff and guards, public workshops for guests and a consent team to maintain consent rules during the event. However, this content is well adaptable and suitable for board meetings, solving internal conflicts and the general wellbeing of employees in every business industry. The principles of our consultancy are based around human nature, each individual's needs, and how to understand each other's differences, making it highly adaptable yet effective.



We believe the importance of consent in everyday life is crucial for a healthy society, and for building interpersonal respect despite differences. This expands to relationships, partnerships, worklife, nightlife, intimate spaces and public areas.

We have a mission to bring awareness on consent not only for preventing sexual harassement, but for other forms of harassement, discrimination, hate speech and micro agression as a violation of personal boundaries as well.

In diverse spaces the understanding of respect, boundaries and consent is especially important - and we encourage everyone to check their ego, intentions and priviledges in order to take responsibility and grow as individuals.

In order to create a diverse and consensual space we welcome everyone as they are, as long as we meet with shared values.

Our house rules

Consent Spaces start with ground rules
in order to create mutual respect despite

No Discrimination
No Hate Speech
No Sexual Harassment

Psst... That also means no toxicity, bullying, rumoring,
ignorance, bystanding or micro aggression

Our House Values

These are the intentions we set in order
to maintain a healthy atmosphere
despite differences

Respect each other
Check your privileges
Celebrate diversity
Be constructive
Be aware of your intentions
Welcome criticism


Different identities have different experiences. These experiences create our personal boundaries. When our boundaries are crossed it violates our consent in varying degrees.

In the cultures we live in we have social norms, in these social norms we have something called implied consent. Someone might have their boundaries crossed if you put a hand on their shoulder from the back due to having experienced sexual assault. Someone might have their boundaries crossed by getting a compliment on their skin tone due to having experienced systematic and personal racism. Someone might have their boundaries crossed when you ask them about their disability because they have had the experience of being seen as disability first and not the whole person they are.

We will cross other boundaries at some point, but being consent aware gives us the tools to integrate our faults without internalizing shame. Intersectionality plays a large role in consent because intersectionality recognizes the importance of equity, as well as understanding the impact made despite having good intentions.


We believe in accountability culture where everyone takes responsibility of their own actions, supports one another and seeks solutions instead of conflicts. Constructive criticism is our love language, it should be taken seriously and as an opportunity to grow.

We all have priviledges we need to be aware of, and its absolutely necessary to be open minded, receptive and intentional when growing into a culture of consent. However we defy toxic behavior and condescending language in order to fight bigotry, as it can be equally destructive. Toxicity, bullying, rumoring, ignorance, bystanding, micro aggression, harassement - it all undermines the very concept of consensual spaces.

In situations where you find yourself watching someone being violated, do react and dont be a bystander. Ask if you are unsure, look out for each other and if necessary; report issues to closest security, crew or employer of the place you are at.

Keeping each other safe is a collective responsibility.

A retelling of what we believe in A retelling of what we don't believe in
To not be a bystander


Yes. There is no question, consent has become the new standard. The question remaining is “How can my business benefit from this course?”, “How can i afford not to participate in this workshop?”, “Why is this such an important change, and what are the consequences of refusing change?”, and “What is the future?”

Our workshops and courses are customizable for any type of businesses. At the end of the day the core principles of our content remains the same; whether it's in the board meeting, bedroom or bar.

We offer public Consent Space Workshops that you and your friends can attend, currently only offered in Oslo.

Our overall goal is to create awareness on consent, intersectional spaces and respect despite differences in communities, workplaces and society in general. And this vision is clearly taking form, not just for us, but society at large.

Will you be part of the future with us?


Evrysome AS
Oslo, Norway

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