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Evrysome events focus on celebrating consent, diversity, art & collaborations. With our event headliner “Naughty & Qute” we are driven to create edgy and liberating experiences. A playground for exploration and connection - come as you are!

Remember that you have to be a member of our N&Q group in order to buy tickets and enter our events.

Answer all the questions thoroughly for us to evaluate your membership, in order to maintain an intentional and consensual space.

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Collaborations are essential parts of Evrysome, in order to integrate and exchange different perspectives, artistic expressions and competence. Some of our collaborations have been with Nasjonalmuseet, Afryea Collective, Oslo World, Floke Marked and Oslo Pictures.

Our collaboration with Nasjonalmuseet during 2022 and the Skeivt Kulturår has given us the opportunity for a temporary art residency, an art festival and the establishment of our consent consultancy.

Check our Instagram for updates on collaborations and events, or let us know if you want to collab!

@EVRY.SOME COLLAB Nasjonalmuseet


We host workshops facilitated for rebels and siblings (our volunteers), partners and collabs, inhouse crew, as well as the community og public in general.

Our workshops integrate topics like utopia, critical thinking, artistic & interdisciplinary expressions, intersectionality and consent. Our most common workshop about Consent Space is offered regularly to crew, public and partners.

Check our upcoming workshops, or let us
know if you want to book a workshop!

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Join our Evry Closet for inspiration for your outfit and dresscode for our Naught & Qute events, and maybe even find your inner spice while making new friends and discovering new creatives.

Together with Floke Marked, House of Evrysome has curated a unique closet experience with workstations for you to co-create your outfits with designers and brands. Get tips and redesign your clothes or find new ones if you do not have any!

Check if we have any upcoming closets, or let us know if you want to collab!



We started a video production in fall 2021, creating short video content in several categories:

Evry STORY, Evry DIY, Evry HUMYN (ZEN), Evry CITY and Evry CONSENT.

These projects are temporarily put on hold due to insufficient funds, unfortunately.

Support our TV & digital crew through Patreon for more content, or let us know if you want to collab!



Our laid back meetups are meant to gather the community for social and fun activities. We focus on getting to know each other, the concept and crew behind Evrysome, and maybe get into some DIY-ing and hobbies.

Our meetups are reserved to our N&Q members and Patreons. You can find the memberships here.

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House of Evrysome aims to create radical social change through interaction, dialogue and connection. Consent for us is the foundation of this vision, including the understanding of intersectionality and boundaries.

Our new Consent Consultancy provides a platform where we can share information about consent culture through varying formats, weather that’s for the public, nightlife, institutions or businesses.

Read more about our consultancy, or let us know if you’re interested in consulting.

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